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In Office or TeleHealth: Maryland, DC, Virginia and Florida


We meet all children and families where they are. We try to put everyone at ease, answer all your questions and begin to instill hope that the problems will get better. Once you contact us we will provide a phone consultation with you, free of charge to best understand your concerns and determine if the services we provide can best meet your needs.If we are unable to provide services we will help you find a more appropriate provider.



Our approach is assuming that you have been doing the best you can considering what you have been through and we will utilize a strengths based approach to connect with you and formulate a treatment plan. We are firm believers of utilizing treatments that have a strong demonstrated success of working through vigorous research. After meeting with you, your child and family we will give you our impressions and treatment recommendations. For child therapy we expect to meet with you briefly every session and to work with you as the person who knows your child best. We will have clear goals, measure progress through standardized measures and continue to update you to changes we observe and treatment plan changes.


Our approach is time limited and we prefer not to have children in therapy for long periods of time unless absolutely necessary. Please refer to the resources section for all the evidence based treatments we provide.


We offer therapy services both in office or via a secure, privacy protected on line platform. As part of our initial conversation we can discuss which method would be preferable for you as well as if it is appropriate based on your specific mental health needs.

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