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Where Resilience, Healing, & Hope Are Discovered 


Have you or your child recently experienced a trauma, suffered a loss or are having trouble overcoming past events? Do you worry that something just is not quite right with your child? Does your child struggle with anxiety or behavior problems and you don't know how to help them? You have come to the right place. We are licensed psychologists and mental health professionals. Together we can help you and your family enjoy each other and reach the level of functioning you deserve.

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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.


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We meet all children and families where they are. We try to put everyone at ease, answer all your questions and begin to instill hope that the problems will get better. Once you contact us we will provide a phone consultation with you, free of charge to best  understand your concerns and determine if the services we provide can best meet your needs. If we are unable to provide services we will help you find a more appropriate provider.


Our approach is assuming that you have been doing the best you can considering what you have been through and we will utilize a strengths based approach to connect with you and formulate a treatment plan. We are  firm believers in utilizing treatments that have a strong demonstrated success of working through vigorous research. After meeting with you, your child and family we will give you our impressions and treatment recommendations. For child therapy we expect to meet with you briefly every session and to work with you as the person who knows your child best. We will have clear goals, measure progress through standardized measures and continue to update you to changes we observe and treatment plan changes. Our approach is time limited and we prefer not to have children in therapy for long periods of time unless absolutely necessary.



We offer parent consultation to help new parents build skills and confidence and help current parents with challenges they may be facing.


At the request of parents we work with you to help challenges your child may be facing in the school setting. We can perform necessary educational or social emotional testing, classroom observation and help with suggestions to provide your child the most effective learning environment.


We are available to speak as an expert for radio, television or other media platforms. Past topics have included: Trauma, The effects of child abuse, Bullying, Delayed disclosure of sexual abuse, Child development and Parenting issues.


We provide comprehensive evaluations to address a variety of difficulties children may face.

Assessments are used to help rule out diagnoses, clarify why a child may be struggling in a certain way or to better inform current treatment. Assessments can also identify trauma symptoms and/or exposure.

Testing typically involves a clinical interview, 1-2 days of testing in which standardized measures are used to evaluate the referral question and then a feedback session in which the written report is presented, results explained and all questions are answered. Written reports can then be provided to schools for documentation purposes or to aid in getting additional services to best support the child.


With one of our founding partners as a former lawyer, we are uniquely positioned to negotiate the courtroom as witnesses. With robust training in psychology, research and clinical matters Dr. Wolf and others have qualified as experts in trauma, child psychology, the effects of abuse, delayed disclosure and other related areas.  

We have testified in multiple jurisdictions including Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and Federal and State Courts.

Services we provide include:

Expert testimony, jury consultation, parent capacity evaluations, child trauma evaluations, adult trauma evaluations and custody evaluations. 

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2 Wisconsin Circle
Suite 700

Chevy Chase, MD 20815


202-985 4075


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